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We are bringing Collide Wholefoods and Criterion Street Café to our Hobart community.

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We believe our products are fresher because we order smaller quantities and focus on how we store, not just how we present our produce. We also try to remove as much plastic in our storage and delivery process, and we always buy Tasmanian where we can.

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Recipes by Hattie

Hattie is the girl that reads recipe books from front to cover. She’s our go-to for taste testing and recipe development so it was a match made in heaven for Hattie to share some recipes showcasing our wholefoods. Have fun, get creative and share with those you love.

Collide Wholefoods

Our core principles

Living in Tasmania has forged who we are. That’s why focussing on the ‘small’, the meaningful and the personal will not only be a constant for us, it will be our engine.

Whether it’s the products we stock, the suppliers we choose, the staff we employ, or the people who we will have the privilege of calling our customers, we want everyone to share our core principles:

That quality is better than quantity.
That purpose and meaning come before profit.
That real world connection is better than online connection.
That we should all be determined in making our island and the world, a little better.

Thank you to all those people who have been on our journey so far, and to those who have contributed and connected to us. We can’t wait to start to share Collide with you.

Millie & Matt

Collide Wholefoods


We want to spread the word on your fave local wholefoods grocers across Aus! ⁠

Our friends at collide_wholefoods are set up beautifully. ⁠

All we need is our own grocer bag, our handy food pouches, and a few clean jars. Ready to stock up!

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Massive shout out to Collide Wholefoods that has just opened up in Hobart. You can find them on Criterion street next to Criterion street cafe. They have the most amazing local kombucha on tap! They stock a range of whole foods from pasta, rice, flours, cacao powder, yoghurts, nut butters, nuts and dried fruits. Check out my story for a bit of a pan around the shop. They have everything you could possibly want to cook with! I was chatting to the owner who is a gorgeous lady called Millie. She explained that they source everything locally when they can. If they haven’t sourced it locally they have travelled to the destination and met the farmer/producer to learn about the product and source the highest quality! Be sure to check it out whether you are a health foodie or not, you will still love it! 🌟#collidewholefoods ...

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It’s here!!! 🍾🎉
It’s only taken a year but our online ordering platform is up and ready for your perusal... .
Click + Collect, home deliveries and a whole load of delicious offerings - including our collaboration with Criterion Street Cafe (CxC Larder) + don’t forget to treat yo’ Mumma!! Hampers + goodies now in store ❤️
Photography: rosiehastie

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A Real Good Time / Raw / Vegan / Salted / Caramel Tarts / 💃🏻🕺🏻 ...

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I recently did a commission painting for these guys and their new whole food store on criterion Street, Collide wholefoods. I believe it maybe in where the old criterion art gallery was that used to show some incredible art. It now houses some great looking food. With thanks to aleciagroom for the work.
#collidewholefoods #hobart #art #hobartart #criterionstreet #abstractart #landscapedrawing #landscape

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Hobart has a new bulk food shop in Criterion Street and it's beautiful! 😍 #collidewholefoods ...

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Looks a bit like dirt, but is actually a mix of Tasmanian hazlenut meal, almond meal, shredded coconut, slivered almonds and butter to make a crumble-type topping/sprinkle that I put on yogurt. It's naturally sweet, gluten-free and low carb 🙂 Could be dairy free if you used coconut oil or margarine instead of butter. Most ingredients from collide_wholefoods #glutenfree #lowcarb #collidewholefoods ...

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Vanilla Avocado Smoothie 🥑
I made up this delicious creamy and filling smoothie this morning. Steps on my story!
1/3 cup homemade almond mylk
1/2 frozen banana
1/4 avocado
2 slices frozen zucchini
1 container vanilla Greek yogurt (170g)
1 tsp cinnamon
2/3 cup ice

Blend up all together for a minute and then top with #carmensmuesli fruit free version, melrosehealth organic rolled flaxseed and macadamia and cashew nut butter from #collidewholefoods.
I’m on my way to my friends hens party today so hopefully this is going to keep me full and energised. Also, a bit of health before all the drinking 🍸🍸

#smoothiebowls #smoothierecipes #avocado #healthyfoodporn #hobarteats #tasmania #madelocal #lowfodmap #nourishyourbody #drinkyourveggies #smoothie #eatyourgreens #delicious #healthyfood #breakfastideas #almondmylk #eatingintassie

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Grabbed a healthy lunch with built_by_bucco from Collide Wholefoods after a yin yoga session at equalisestudio 😋 Friday done right ✅ #tassielife #tassiemum #collidewholefoods #smoothy #mango #macadamia #smoothybowl #blueberries #cauliflower #zucchini #equalise #yoga #lunch #friday #doneright ...

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Okay so I know I have been harping on about it lately but in at Collide Wholefoods we 100% do have the tastiest food. Here is out very popular protein choc peanut smoothie bowl that I made the other day! For the Plant Based option just ask for the whey protein to be swapped for hemp protein 😊💪🏻


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pretending to be healthy collide_wholefoods ...

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🌟 G I V E A W A Y 🌟

Hey friends!! It’s about time that I give back to all of you. This is my way of saying thank you for supporting me in this account and In everything that I do 🙏 Here I have put together an assortment of my absolute favourite snacks from collide_wholefoods ((and yes the jar of peanut butter counts as a snack 😛)). If you want to score yourself some tasty walnuts, choc coated 🍓 , peanuts, dried🥭 & 🍍, choc coated pumpkin seeds, my favourite nut mix and a jar of PB follow these steps below:
1️⃣Firstly you must be living in Australia (sorry international friends I will have a worldwide one coming soon 😔🙊)
2️⃣ Tag a friend (you can do this as many times as you like with different friends)
3️⃣Make sure you and your friend are both following this account to be eligible to win!
4️⃣ Be a good person and give collide_wholefoods a follow while you are at it!

Good luck everyone I will be drawing the winner next Friday 😊✨


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Veggie bag Friday courtesy of collide_x_criterion & collide_wholefoods 💚 #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #collidewholefoods #criterionstreet #veggies #tasmania #hobartandbeyond #hobart #shoplocal #healthyeating ...

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Delicious + nutritious collide_wholefoods delivered to your door. Shop Tasmanian and support small. #collidewholefoods ...

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