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Collide bowls

Our granola and smoothie bowls aren’t just a carbon copy fad. They’re a Tasmanian version, generous in their ingredients – and fulfilling. And they’re something that we know once you try, you’ll be back for more.

Nut butters

Our small batch nut butters are made from the best nuts we can find, not the seconds. Our Macadamias are selected from a small producer whose first name we know, not a bulk wholesaler who we’ve never met.

Wholefoods online orders

We believe our products are fresher because we order smaller quantities and focus on how we store, not just how we present our produce. We also try to remove as much plastic in our storage and delivery process, and we always buy Tasmanian where we can.

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Collide Wholefoods

Our core principles

Living in Tasmania has forged who we are. That’s why focussing on the ‘small’, the meaningful and the personal will not only be a constant for us, it will be our engine.

Whether it’s the products we stock, the suppliers we choose, the staff we employ, or the people who we will have the privilege of calling our customers, we want everyone to share our core principles:

That quality is better than quantity.
That purpose and meaning come before profit.
That real world connection is better than online connection.
That we should all be determined in making our island and the world, a little better.

Thank you to all those people who have been on our journey so far, and to those who have contributed and connected to us. We can’t wait to start to share Collide with you.

Millie & Matt

Collide Wholefoods


Detoxifying + Alkalizing / Organic Hawaiian Spirulina / Organic Tasmanian Apple Cider Vinegar / Lemon 🧞‍♂️ ...

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If you’re like us and have an up + down rollercoaster relationship with the old cuppa joe ☕️ this one is for you... it’s a life saver!

Iced raw cacao with adaptogens -

1 cup of milk of choice (we use our house made hemp milk)*
1 heaped tsp cacao powder*
1/2 tsp maca powder*
1/4 tsp lions mane mushroom*
1/8 tsp reishi mushroom*
1/2 tsp mesquite (go see our gal Lucie and the team at thevitaminshopau )
Pinch of cinnamon*

+ 1tsp collagen powder* if this is your thing
+ drops of liquid stevia if you have a sweet tooth without the sugar! (available from thevitaminshopau )

* all ingredients available in store

Place all ingredients in blender and joosh until creamy. Pour over ice and enjoy the sweet sweet kick without the caffeinated lows 🙌🏻

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Choc Peanut Smoothie ❤️ ...

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Cajun Chicken / Chili Mayo / Cos Lettuce / Sweet Potato / Snow Peas / Beet / Carrot / Pumpkin Seeds / Micro Herbs / Lemon + Olive Oil / Good Life Choice ✨ ...

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Want to arrive home to a big bag of certified organic veggies on your doorstep?

Our CxC veggie bags can be ordered online for click + collect or free delivery.

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Tasmanian / Leatherwood / Manuka 🍯 🐝 ...

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Post Pilates Smoothie / Cacao / Banana / Aus Peanut Butter / Maca / Lucuma / 1/2 Date / Hemp Milk / Add Collagen or Whey Protein 💪🏻 ...

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House made hemp milk now available in store 🥛

This deliciously creamy milk is made from our Tasmanian hemp seeds grown by the_tassie_hemp_shop 🌱

Available in 350ml and 750ml bottles

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The Collide Bowl / Ginger Pickled Carrot / Kale + Parsley Basmati / Rainbow Salad / Mint / huskigreens Micro Herbs / phytocrackers_tas Seaweed Chippies / Raw Pad Thai Almond Sauce 🌱 ...

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The Winter Warmer Bowl / Tomato / Ginger / Turmeric / Paprika / Winter Veg / Lemon /Crunchy Chili Nut + Seed Topping / Fresh Herbs 🌿 🍋 ...

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It’s here!!! 🍾🎉
It’s only taken a year but our online ordering platform is up and ready for your perusal... .
Click + Collect, home deliveries and a whole load of delicious offerings - including our collaboration with Criterion Street Cafe (CxC Larder) + don’t forget to treat yo’ Mumma!! Hampers + goodies now in store ❤️
Photography: rosiehastie

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Thanks to a couple of regulars who set up this collaboration - we are beyond excited to be offering our raw treats to the staff and patients at Calvary Hospital Cafe.

Here’s to nourishing food and our community ✨

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Our raw caramel tarts are back! Salted almond crust, tahini caramel centre and our vegan dark choc topping! Soooo good! ...

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The Collide Gluten Free Bircher with our house made the_tassie_hemp_shop hemp milk and fresh berries 🤤

🥥 Coconut
🥥 Dehydrated strawberries
🥥 Mulberries
🥥 Pumpkin seeds
🥥 Almonds
🥥 Cashews
🥥 Brazil nuts
🥥 Sunflower seeds
🥥 Chia seeds
🥥 Linseeds
🥥 Cacao nibs

This mix will keep you full all morning as it’s full of the good healthy fats and fiber!

#glutenfreetasmania #vegantasmania #glutenfreebircher #collide #collidewholefoods #realfood #organic

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fimbygirl has been our composting queen! If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be able to have our delicious goods on the menu. Each week this Wonder Woman picks up our organic matter and drives it up the coast to her farm and creates the most delectable compost! 👩🏻‍🌾

So to this months #plasticfreejuly we want to give a shout out to our favourite farming lady fimbygirl

Collide wouldn’t be the same without you. Thank you ❤️

Artwork by one of our loves pandanipeople - check out their page for composting and good life inspiration x

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Golden Porridge 🧡

1/2 cup organic oats
1/2 - 1 cup Collide’s Tasmanian hemp milk (or milk of choice)
1/8 - 1/4 tsp organic turmeric (5% curcumin)
Sprinkle of organic ceylon cinnamon
1 tsp quality Tasmanian honey
2 tbs Collide’s macadamia and cashew nut butter

Delicious additions:
Sprinkle of Collide’s Coconut Blend / CxC Berry Jam 🍓 / sliced banana 🍌 or your preferred porridge topper 🥣

Soak oats in water overnight. In the morning - place soaked oats and milk in saucepan, warm gently, add in turmeric and honey, stir through and cook for 2 minutes.

Place into favourite bowl (or if you like to eat out of the saucepan to save dirtying dishes - respect!)

Top with nut butter, porridge toppings and sprinkle with cinnamon.

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