Recipes by Hattie

Hattie is the girl that reads recipe books from front to cover. She’s our go-to for taste testing and recipe development so it was a match made in heaven for Hattie to share some recipes showcasing our wholefoods. Have fun, get creative and share with those you love x.

Black Lentil, Beetroot and Whipped Feta SaladThis salad has serious winter vibes, gone are the leafy, delicate bits and bobs of summer, bring in the hearty lentils and roast veg combos. Black lentils or Beluga Lentils (named because they look like the caviar produced by Beluga fish) are tiny and black and stunning in salads. They remain whole even when tossed with a dressing so you avoid the dahl-like consistency problem that can happen with other varieties. They're also extremely tasty and high in fibre and protein. If your beetroots come with the stalks intact, I encourage you to use a few of the smaller leaves in the salad. I'd been throwing these away for years until I recently discovered you can eat them as well. Whoops.
Porridge, a couple of waysI think porridge is one of those staples that occasionally gets a bad name, and for some people is the epitome of boring, claggy food. However, hear me out, because in my mind porridge is all about the toppings. You wouldn't eat a plain pizza base, would you? No, madness, all the toppings!! This recipe is a base, to which you could add whatever you like or have on hand, but I have included a couple of suggestions to get you started. It has the addition of chia seeds and buckwheat kernels as I find they add a nice change in texture, as well as being good for you, but if they are not your thing just omit them. A note: There are two ways I make porridge, on the stove, and in the microwave. The microwave is great for doing a single-serve of porridge but try and put any more in there and you will have porridge-volcano-melt-down-with-none-left-in-the-actual-bowl? It's super hard to clean off your microwave and said bowl will probably be nuclear in temperate by the time it's even close to being done. So in the case of making porridge for multiple people go for the stove method.
Seedy Crackers and a Pumpkin DipThese crackers, in my opinion, are game-changers in terms of snacking. Linseeds are little powerhouses of nutrients, extremely high in fiber, protein, and Omega-3 fats and by grinding them before making them into the crackers you allow your body to easily absorb all this goodness. These crackers go well with just about anything but I have included a pumpkin dip which I think complements the seedy-ness of them particularly well. Both these recipes are gluten and dairy-free but if you had some parmesan to hand you could replace the nutritional yeast in the dip with it.
Peanut Butter BarsThese bars are a like healthier, updated versions of the lunch box classic, LCM’s. The base of these bars is brown rice puffs, which have a slightly nutty taste and are a great source of dietary fibre. They get enhanced by toasted coconut and almonds, with a bit of peanut butter and chocolate for good measure. Great for little people and big people alike, they’re perfect for lunch boxes or that 3 pm slump in energy that can only be fixed by something sweet. They come together in (nearly) one bowl and would be a perfect recipe to make with kids. If coconut or flaked almonds are not your things, they could easily be swapped out for different nuts or even dried fruit like cranberries.